As of v6.4.1, our NFTs are deprecated.

Our NFTs have been consolidated into the $GNS token, and you can redeem your NFTs for $GNS accordingly. The role of NFT bots has been transitioned to our chainlink oracle network.

How does NFT redemption work?

You can redeem NFTs by visiting gains.trade/nft-redemption and choose one of two options:

  1. Receive linearly vested $GNS over 6 months, beginning from the date of redemption (staked throughout the vesting period)

  2. Receive the $GNS immediately against a 25% penalty (penalty directed to the gov fund to be used strategically and/or burned, as decided by the community)

The amount of $GNS received for each tier NFT is as follows:

  1. Bronze: 800 $GNS

  2. Silver: 1,200 $GNS

  3. Gold: 1,800 $GNS

  4. Platinum: 3,700 $GNS

  5. Diamond: 12,000 $GNS

You can read more about this in our Medium article.


All NFTs were claimed by liquidity providers who supplied at least 1% of the total liquidity. They were rewarded with NFT credits (not ERC20 token) which allowed the minting of these NFTs.

The diamond NFTs required the most amount of credits, and bronze NFTs the least.

What are gNFTs?

These do not offer the above benefits, they have an entirely separate use - to represent positions of locked gDAI within the vault. Learn more on the gDAI Vault page.

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