🔵Arbitrum Network Setup

When selecting the Arbitrum Network (if you do not have it added already to Metamask), you will be prompted to add it.

What is Arbitrum One/Nitro/Nova? How does it differ from Ethereum?

Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova are two networks developed by Offchain Labs. Both run on a technology called Nitro. gTrade exists on Arbitrum One, the most use Arbitrum network. A more in-depth discussion can be found in their medium articles on Nitro and Arbitrum Nova.

Arbitrum Metamask Setup

To add Arbitrum automatically to Metamask go to Arbiscan and scroll to the bottom. Then click on "Add Network":

See below for more information on RPC endpoints.

After following each step you can now switch between the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks in Metamask as you want.

Getting Funds to Arbitrum

Arbitrum uses ETH as the native currency to pay for transactions, including to manage trades on gTrade.

If you don't have any assets on Arbitrum, there are a number of ways to move them there.

  1. The official bridge is Arbitrum bridge. This takes about 10 minutes.

  2. For bridging GNS the bridge can be found on the bridging page.

  3. You can use a third party bridge to bridge from other chains. Please exert caution using any bridge - always ensure you are not visiting a phishing website by confirming the link you are visiting from a services official page/communication.

  4. Some centralised exchanges support withdrawing ETH to Arbitrum. Ensure you have selected Arbitrum One as the chain to withdraw to and not Ethereum.

RPC Endpoints

RPCs are what Metamask uses to connect to the blockchain, whether to fetch information or to send transactions.

Public RPCs are the easiest way to access the Arbitrum network. During times of high usage however transaction gas costs go up and public RPCs can face congestion. It can be advisable to have your own endpoint, particularly if you are using gTrade with large amounts of collateral. This is less of a factor on Arbitrum compared to Polygon.

Note: Our website already uses cutting-edge technology to work around RPC instability. Instead of using the Metamask RPC to show the trades on the website, it uses its own internal list of dedicated RPCs and streams them to the frontend. This means that the RPC in Metamask is only used to send transactions. If using a public RPC, it is highly advisable to have more than one available in Metamask so that you can switch quickly if you were to find that one was not as responsive as you'd like.

Public RPCs:

There are many different sites on which you can get an Arbitrum endpoint of your own. Some are paid and some offer free and paid options:

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