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How to use Practice Mode
Practice mode can be used in order to test gTrade as though you are live trading, but without using collateral with value. It is done on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet.
You will need:
  1. 1.
    A Web3 wallet like Metamask connected to the Mumbai Testnet
  2. 2.
    Testnet MATIC to pay for transactions
  3. 3.
    Testnet DAI to use as collateral
Let's set it up: 1. Using the Mumbai Testnet Chain details, go to Settings in Metamask and add it:
You can find all of the details in the Polygon Documentation here under Mumbai Testnet. This includes alternate RPCs. You can see above we have chosen to specify the currency as MATIC (Mumbai) - this is just a cosmetic change to make sure that we are reminded when we are using using the testnet vs mainnet.
2. Head to the Matic Mumbai Faucet to get Testnet MATIC to use for transaction fees here. Paste your wallet address in, press submit, then Confirm. You should see this appear.
Confirmation of getting Testnet MATIC.
3. Go to the Practice Trading page on and ensure that your wallet is connected in the top right hand corner. If it doesn't look right, refresh the page and click "Connect Wallet", and check that you have the correct wallet connected by clicking on metamask and checking it displays a green dot next to "Connected".
I'm still awaiting my Testnet Matic from the faucet, give it a few minutes to arrive!
4. Click on "GET 10,000 DAI". Then send the transaction in Metamask.
You can then use the platform as you would on the mainnet!
If your testnet DAI balance drops below 1,000 DAI, the button will show again so you can claim 10,000 DAI again.
Follow the guide Opening and Closing a Trade.
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