🧒How to use Practice Mode

The Practice mode can be used in order to test gTrade as though you are live trading, but without using collateral with value. It is done on the Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet.

You will need:

  1. A Web3 wallet like Rabby or Metamask connected to the Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet

  2. Testnet ETH to pay for transactions

  3. Testnet DAI to use as collateral

Let's set it up: 1. The fastest way is to click the Network dropdown on gains.trade, click the network dropdown and click Sepolia - Practice. This should prompt your wallet to add the Arbitrum Sepolia network.

Alternatively you can go to https://sepolia.arbiscan.io/, scroll to the bottom and click "Add Arbitrum One Sepolia Network" on the right.

2. Next, we need some Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet ETH for gas. There are several options for this, some of which are listed below. A website that "drips" a token for testnet purposes is called a "faucet".

(Please note that Sepolia as a testnet exists on several chains, so whichever faucet you use, be sure to select Arbitrum Sepolia)

https://faucets.chain.link/arbitrum-sepolia (0.1 ETH, Requires Github login)

https://faucet.quicknode.com/arbitrum/sepolia (0.05-0.1 ETH, requires holding 0.001 ETH on Ethereum Mainnet)

https://www.alchemy.com/faucets/arbitrum-sepolia (0.1-0.5 ETH per day, requires an Alchemy account (free) and a balance of 0.001 ETH on Arbitrum Mainnet)

There are many other faucets available. Some may be unavailable at times, if you can't find a faucet or would like help to set up Practice Mode in general, feel free to ask in our Discord or Telegram!

3. Ensure you have selected the Sepolia - Practice option from the network dropdown on the trading page, and ensure that your wallet is connected in the top right hand corner.

Once you are connected you can click 'Approve' in the trading panel, and then click 'Get 10,000 DAI' to get your practice DAI.

You can then use the platform as you would on the mainnet!

If your testnet DAI balance drops below 1,000 DAI, the button will show again so you can claim 10,000 DAI more.

Follow the guide Opening and Closing a Trade.

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