🪐Arbitrum <-> Polygon Bridge

Bridge your $GNS tokens or NFTs between Arbitrum and Polygon

Our native bridge built on LayerZero, facilitates bridging GNS tokens and NFTs between Arbitrum and Polygon: https://www.gains.trade/bridge.

  1. To bridge, select the network from which you want to bridge in the upper right corner. In the example below we are bridging from Polygon to Arbitrum, but the steps are the same regardless from which network you're bridging.

  1. Select whether you want to bridge $GNS or an NFT from the dropdown menu, enter the amount, click approve, and then click transfer.

  1. Bridging usually takes between 20-40 minutes depending on network congestion. There is a global limit of how much can be bridged per epoch (1 epoch is 6 hours) which is 1,000,000 for $GNS and 50 for NFTs. You can see the current state of this limit above the panel.

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