🌳GNS Staking

Stake $GNS to get a share of the gTrade revenue!

Staking $GNS

By staking your $GNS tokens you will earn rewards generated by platform fees. These rewards are paid in the native collateral of each trade. Currently supported collaterals: $USDC, $DAI, $WETH.

The rewards are accrued from the platform revenue on respective chain, i.e. if you stake $GNS on Arbitrum you will get rewards from the trades on Arbitrum and vice versa for Polygon.

In total, 62.5% of the fees from market orders and 57.5% of the fees from limit orders are allocated to $GNS staking. More information can be found here.

As 70% of our trades are market orders: 61% of fees from all orders on average will go to $GNS staking!

Our staking page is available here: https://gains.trade/staking


Our staking contract has been audited here: https://github.com/pashov/audits/blob/master/solo/gTrade-security-review.md

$GNS Staking FAQ

Are my staked $GNS locked for a certain period of time?

There is no timelock for staking $GNS, and you are able to withdraw at any time.

Can I choose which tokens I want to be rewarded in?

No, since the rewards are accrued in real-time, by traders opening and closing trades, the token in which you are rewarded depend on the collateral used by the trader.

I staked before September 30, 2023 and I can't find my staked $GNS. Where are they?

Your $GNS is in the deprecated vault. The staking vault was upgraded in late September 2023, and you can unstake your $GNS from the old vault here: https://gains.trade/staking-legacy

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