💲Trade Collaterals

gTrade offers multiple collateral options

gTrade offers $USDC, $DAI, and $WETH for trading, enhancing flexibility and user choice.

Key Features:

  1. Synthetic Trading Flexibility: gTrade follows a synthetic trading architecture, allowing traders to trade any pair using $USDC, $DAI, or $WETH as collateral. This innovative approach means you're not buying or selling the underlying assets directly but are instead trading on their price movements.

  2. Fees in Collateral: Trading fees are paid in the collateral used, streamlining transactions and aligning with your trading strategy.

  3. Risk Management: gTrade manages risk at a collateral level, as each is backed by its own gToken vault and separate liquidity. Meaning if $USDC open interest was to be maxed out, there may still be availability on another collateral.

  4. Collateral-based Position Sizing: Position size is determined in the collateral type, not the traded asset nor its notional value. This approach simplifies liquidation risk management by keeping the position size constant, independent of collateral price movements, making trading strategies clearer and more predictable (more details on the next page).


Our model eases liquidation risk management. Unlike traditional exchanges where a position's leverage and liquidation risk fluctuate with collateral price changes, our stable model allows for better strategy planning and a stress-reduced trading experience. By offering diverse collateral options and simplifying fees and risk management, we aim to improve the trading experience, empowering traders with control and flexibility in their strategies.

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