Our unique architecture enables leverage trading on forex pairs prices.


gTrade currently offers trading on the price of over 30 forex pairs at leverage ranges of 10x to 1000x.

Please refer to the Pair List page to see a full list of the pairs currently offered.

Market Times

Unlike crypto markets, forex markets are not always open. Times are referenced in ET (New York time).

Day of the weekMarket Open / Close


Open all day


Open all day


Open all day


Open all day


Closed from 4 PM (DST) or 5 PM (non-DST)


Closed all day


Open from 4 PM (DST) or 5 PM (non-DST)

Additionally, there are the following holidays where market are closed:

  1. December 25th - 27th

  2. January 1st - 2nd


As there price of forex pairs can change while the market is closed, this can result in gaps, where the market opens at a different price than the price it closed at last time it was open.

Due to this, we cannot guarantee stop losses, which means you have to be careful with keeping trades open while the market is closed. It could be liquidated because of a big gap in the opposite direction once market opens. It could also result in a bigger win than you initially planned for, as volatility works on both sides. Please take this into consideration when using high leverage.

Reduced Leverage/Increased Spread

The max leverage is temporarily reduced and spread is temporarily increased during:

  • Major news events, from 1 hour before to 10 minutes after the event.

  • Market closing, starting 30 minutes before the market closes.

  • Low liquidity session, for 2 hours after New York Stock Exchange closes.

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