Our unique architecture enables leverage trading on crypto pairs prices.


gTrade currently offers trading on the price of over 115 crypto pairs at leverage ranges of 2x to 150x.

Please refer to the Pair List page to see a full list of the pairs currently offered.

Market Times

Crypto markets are open 24/7, which means you can trade whenever you want. However, when the stock market is closed, there is generally less volume on cryptos as well, and therefore less volatility.

Guaranteed stop losses

As crypto markets never close, there aren't any gaps. This means we can guarantee your stop loss regardless of the time it takes to execute. It will always be triggered at the exact price you set. Please note that Stop Losses for crypto are guaranteed, and in times of high network congestion your Stop Loss might not immediately trigger. It is important that you don't manually close your order since this will void the guaranteed Stop Loss (at your set price) and count as a Market Close (at the price when it gets triggered).

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