Gains Network
This pool is on Polygon (Matic mainnet). By staking Quickswap-V2 LP tokens, you earn GFARM2 rewards.


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    This pool can only be accessed on the Polygon (Matic) mainnet.
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    You will get GNS rewards and dQUICK rewards for staking your LPs (while still earning the Quickswap swap fees).
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    The rewards come from the fees generated by the trading platform
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    The yield depends on the trading volume and doesn't mint additional tokens.

How do I get LP tokens?

Provide liquidity on the GNS/DAI pair on Quickswap.
Use the following link to add liquidity: Once you have provided liquidity, you will automatically get LP tokens in your wallet.

How do I stake my LP tokens?

Go back to the pool's interface.
Click on "Approve LPs" to let the contract interact with your LP tokens. Then click on "Stake LPs".
You will then earn GNS tokens passively from the trading fees.

How do the NFT boosts work?

Please see the GNS NFTs page.
I added/removed LP from the pool and my rewards disappeared, what happened?
Your pending rewards are automatically harvested when staking or unstaking from the pool. Open your wallet and you will find the harvested pending rewards there.
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How do I get LP tokens?
How do I stake my LP tokens?
How do the NFT boosts work?