Gains Network is developing gTrade, a liquidity-efficient, powerful, and user-friendly decentralized leveraged trading platform.

Our uniquely designed synthetic architecture makes gTrade more capital efficient than any existing platform, allows for low trading fees, and a wide range of leverages and pairs: up to 150x on cryptos, 1000x on forex, and 250x on commodities. You can read more about this here: The gTrade Platform.

The protocol revolves around the ecosystem's ERC20 utility token ($GNS). The $GNS token is designed to be actively used within the platform (utility) and to allow ownership of the protocol through revenue capture & governance (soon). It includes $GNS holders receiving platform fees through Single Sided Staking, as well as burning of $GNS using platform revenue. You can read about this here: GNS Token

We do not guarantee price appreciation or depreciation in the future, nor promise any development of the project compared to its current state, and if you buy the token, you do so at your own risk.

Long-term vision

  1. gTrade becomes the most adopted decentralized leveraged trading platform.

  2. Gains Network becomes a DAO governed by the $GNS token (or a derivative like $veGNS).

  3. Its only goal is to create great DeFi products that bring revenue that can be distributed in a $GNS staking pool.

  4. Development scales horizontally, any team can create governance proposals to receive funding from the governance and create cutting-edge products that bring revenue to $GNS holders.

  5. Gains Network launches new products like its own casino and metaverse.

The roadmap can be accessed on our Medium blog.


  1. Seb (Smart contract dev, Strategy)

  2. Nathan (Full-stack dev, Management)

  3. Crumb (Smart contract dev)

  4. Atlas (Product Manager)

  5. Jeffrey (Marketing Lead)

  6. Dreamersnat (Frontend dev)

  7. Konrad (Frontend dev)

  8. Vlad (Smart contract dev)

  9. Pulkit (Smart contract dev)

  10. Tony (Frontend dev)

  11. Sam (Biz Dev, Partnerships)

  12. Ross & Bill (Social media)

  13. Vesnushki (moderator, community sentiment, graphics)

  14. Brian (moderator, community sentiment)

  15. Bee (Marketing, community)

  16. Rick (Biz Dev, Partnerships)

For the first year of development, our founder has worked alone on the project. As the project has grown with further development and marketing, we have been growing the team to achieve our long-term vision as efficiently and rapidly as possible.

Follow the progress

  1. Join and be active in our Discord or Telegram group.

  2. Follow our monthly recap articles on Medium.

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